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Our highly qualified teaching team are committed to providing a quality educational experience in a caring and inclusive environment for all children. 


Fiorella Varrasso

Fiorella is the Director and Educational Leader

"After 13 years of teaching in early childhood programs, my main role now is as the Director and Educational Leader of the kindergarten where I manage the kindergarten and support the staff team in their roles. A team-based approach is paramount to creating an optimum learning environment for children and it is my privilege to lead an outstanding, fully committed, highly qualified, skilful team of educators.


I believe children learn best when they feel a sense of belonging in a nurturing and inclusive environment, and when they are provided with a high quality play based program and resources where they can freely and actively explore, engage and learn. My heart is to support and enable teachers to provide a program and learning environment where each child is seen as a highly capable learner, has a positive beginning to their educational journey, and develops a strong love for learning.


I love working in a Christian kindergarten, strongly supported by the Camberwell Baptist Church Management Committee. I love that so many families with various backgrounds, cultures and religions are part of our community. Promoting a strong, inclusive community feel in the kindergarten and collaboratively partnering with families and where every family feels respected and valued is very important to me."

Elsie Mathew Thomas

Elsie is the Director, Spiritual Wellbeing Facilitator and Three Year Old Group Teacher

"Hi I am Elsie , I am the Director, Spiritual Wellbeing Facilitator and Three year old group teacher at CBCK. I am very passionate about Early Childhood education, in particular the special nature of the three-year-old's. I have been associated with CBCK for the past 10 years, initially as a parent and then taking the role as a staff member of the kindergarten in 2018. I believe that children learn through play, and it is our role as educators to facilitate, support, and guide that learning. It is such a privilege to be a part of the children’s development in their Early Years. I enjoy singing with the children, telling a story, and listening to their great ideas and imagination. Every child is unique and special, and it is my job as a teacher to instil the love of learning to make them lifelong learners.  I also like to take pride in fostering and maintaining positive, respectful relationships with children, families and within the community.

I have 2 boys who both went to CBCK for their 3 & 4 yr. old kindergarten, and they have wonderful memories of their kinder years. When I am not teaching, I enjoy listening to music, and reading, but most of all spending time with my family and friends."

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Amelia Lee

Amelia is the Teacher of the Four Year Old Group

"I started teaching in CBCK in 2019 as a teacher for the 4 year old group Extended Hours program. I then moved into the role of 4 year old Kindergarten Teacher in 2023. I have always enjoyed working here because of the support and caring colleagues and community. I hold a Master of Teaching in Early Childhood and have previously worked at various early learning centre before joining CBCK.

I strongly believe that each child is created uniquely by God and I strive to create an enviornment that caters for various learning styles. I particularly enjoy incorporating puppets, songs, movement, and humour in my teaching styles.

During my leisure time, I enjoy reading and spending time with my husband and toddler daugther, who has been keeping us really busy!


Nicole Roberts

Nicole is Teacher of the Three Year Old Group program.

" I embrace a holistic approach to education. As an early childhood teacher I see my role as not only supporting the cognitive aspects of learning, but each child’s physical, social and emotional development. The Koala Group Program offers a varied and responsive play-based curriculum which enables children to learn, explore and grow. 


A positive, inclusive learning environment is central to my teaching philosophy, and I love how CBCK prioritises nurturing relationships with families and the wider community to best support the children in our care. I am extremely fortunate to work with an amazing group of educators with similar philosophies and values"

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Liz Chow 

Liz is the Four Year Old Group Educator and the Four Year Old Group Extended Hours Leader

"Moving to Australia from overseas with my two young children, I felt the need to know more about early childhood education and care in this country. By the time I gained my diploma in ECE, my little daughter attended CBCK. The caring staff at CBCK always made me feel welcome and respected. Their “working towards children’s best interests” attitude modeled me to be the educator and I wanted to be. I am also currently studying my Bachelor in Early Childhood, I feel privileged to be part of the team.  


I am passionate about providing quality care to both children and their families. I believe children learn best through play and hands-on learning experiences. Working with children is rewarding especially when I see the children grow and develop skills in various aspects.


On the days I do not come to CBCK, I enjoy cooking as it is always fun to mess with different ingredients and cooking lets me be creative.”

Leanne Purcell

Leanne is the Educator of the Three and Four Year Old Group and the Four Year Old Group Extended Hours program.

"I have a wealth of knowledge and experience in early childhood education after working as a teacher for over 30 years. I now work as an educator with both the 3 and 4 year old groups and am enjoying my work at such a wonderful centre as CBCK.


Children continually amaze me with their knowledge, enthusiasm and self confidence. It is wonderful to be able to support children to immerse themselves in a wide variety of learning experiences and develop a strong sense of belonging to a group.I aim to foster a warm and inviting atmosphere and to interact positively and constructively with all children.


Outside of work I enjoy reading, walking, gardening and spending time with my 2 adult daughters."

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