Our team of staff is a caring and committed to providing high quality, inclusive education for all children.

Nina Mann

Nina is the Director at Camberwell Baptist Church Kindergarten and the teacher of the Three Year Old Group. She began working at CBCK in 2015. She has over 20 years teaching experience in kindergartens. Nina is married with 5 children.

Nina is passionate about providing children with fun and exciting learning experiences where they can develop their creativity, their social, emotional, communication and learning skills. Her gentle, warm and caring approach assists children to feel safe, comfortable and have confidence to participate with others. 

Helen Lewis

Helen is the teacher of the Four Year Old Group and has over 20 years teaching experience. Helen is married and has two children.

Helen is a passionate early childhood teacher who sees children as having endless potential, being creative and capable, with a natural curiosity and desire to explore and learn about their world. It is her goal to provide a warm, welcoming and inclusive environment for children where their interest in learning is nurtured and families and educators partner in the learning journey of their children.

Elsie Mathew

Elsie joined the staff team in 2018 having volunteered in 2017 as she completed her course of study.  Elsie works as the Four Year Old Group Educator.

Elsie is married and has two boys who attended CBCK. She was the president of the Parents Association during this time.

Candace Yong 

Candace has two different roles. She is the educator of the Three Year Old Group and the coordinator of the Three Year Old Extended Hours program.

Candace is married and has two children. She joined the staff team in 2016. Candace enjoys playing the Ukulele and singing with the children. She also speaks Mandarin.

Amelia Lee

Amelia is the teacher of Four Year Old Group Extended Hours program

She joined our team in 2019. 

Heejung Na

Heejung joined our team in 2019 to assist as an educator in the Three Year Old Group Extended Hours Program.