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Camberwell Baptist Church Kindergarten seeks to provide a happy, caring and secure environment in accordance with our motto “Caring for children and families”.

Experienced teachers deliver a high quality program in a caring Christian environment. Our staff are passionate and highly committed to providing high quality education. We are rated as ‘Exceeding’ the National Quality Standard. Our staff members are Bachelor equivalent qualified teachers(with one currently working towards her Bachelor). Your child will benefit from our knowledgeable and dedicated team.


The program provides a balance between child initiated and adult supported experiences in which play is valued and coming to kindergarten is FUN.


Developmentally appropriate and individually based programming ensures each child is supported in developing their unique sense of self helping to create a community of learners. Parents are consulted in this process and their input is always welcome. Children, teachers and adults share the learning journey together. Relationships are based on mutual respect and love of learning. 


A strong sense of community is experienced by families with many opportunities for participation and involvement. 


Two Committees support the operation of the kindergarten:

The Committee of Management (comprised of church members and Parent Association representatives) is responsible for all aspects of the Kindergarten’s administrative functions which has given stability to the kindergarten since its establishment.

The Parents Association (comprised of parent volunteers) is representative of all Kindergarten Families and supports the kinder through organising social and fundraising activities. Participation is a wonderful opportunity to meet other parents, help and support the kinder at the same time. Fundraising helps towards the purchase of new equipment and resources for the children.

In the heart of Camberwell, our kindergarten offers

  • Committed, caring educators

  • Large light filled playroom and large shaded playground

  • French and Dance Programs in Four Year Old Group

  • Well resourced facilities

  • Close to trams on Riversdale, Camberwell and Burke Roads

  • Secure parking for parents

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