The Philosophy of Camberwell Baptist Church Kindergarten reflects the National Early Years Framework:




The Philosophy is underpinned by the Principles, Practice and Early Years Learning Framework which are distributed to all families in our centre.


The Kindergarten program is planned to meet the needs of each individual child in the group.


The Kindergarten seeks to provide a happy, caring and secure environment where children:


  • Feel safe

  • Secure

  • Respected

  • Valued

  • Cared for

  • Encouraged and reassured

  • Learn about themselves, others, the environment, routines and limits.


The program provides a wide range of activities and experiences through which the child is encouraged to develop attitudes, skills and knowledge which will help them to:


  • Feel confident and adequate;

  • Be independent;

  • Develop physical skills

  • Communicate with others

  • Develop effective relationships with others

  • Contribute to the well-being of others

  • Express feelings in acceptable and constructive ways

  • Express themselves through speech, music, art, drama and movement

  • Learn about the world around

  • Be eager for new experiences

  • Develop the foundations of reading, writing and numeracy


and thus acquire skills for functioning in society.


The program provides a balance between child initiated

and adult supported experiences with emphasis on the child’s needs and interests.


The value of play in the learning process is recognised and emphasis is placed on the process rather than the end-product.


The environment is carefully structured to reflect children’s needs for space, time, materials and adult support and guidance.


The role of adults in the program is to provide a nurturing, stimulating, responsive environment and to interact with children in a way that makes learning possible.  Children’s behaviour is managed through guidance, positive reinforcement and encouragement.


The Kindergarten values the role of parents and the community and encourages their participation and involvement.


The Kindergarten is inclusive and respects cultural and neighbourhood influences including Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders. Children’s home values and ideas are respected. It is inclusive of children and their families who may have a disability.


The Kindergarten recognises the importance of the Christian ethic and seeks to present the goodness of God in ways that are natural and relevant to children.