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At Camberwell Baptist Church Kindergarten (CBCK) we are committed to providing a high-quality, caring education which values a strong sense of community and connections in an inclusive environment. Managed by the Camberwell Baptist Church, motivated by care, commitment and connection; we recognise the importance of the Christian ethic and values. These are presented in ways that are natural and relevant to the community. We strive to provide a curriculum and atmosphere where each child and their family is welcomed, supported, develop a sense of belonging and are safe.

  • We recognise children as unique, competent, lifelong learners with endless potential, and acknowledge children learn best in a play-based environment.

  • Children are valued as active citizens and constructive contributors to our learning community with rights and shared responsibility to respect and care for themselves, others, and the environment both natural and built.

  • We believe meaningful interactions and respectful relationships are integral to children’s life and learning.

  • Families are respected and valued as children’s first and lifelong teachers, and we recognise best outcomes are achieved when those who are involved in a child’s development collaborate, critically reflect and share goals for their learning and development.

  • We actively seek to foster a strong sense of community, equity and value connections and partnerships with parents/carers and the wider community, including acknowledging the traditional owners of the land, and connections with Indigenous Australians past and present.

  • Our curriculum honours and reflects diversity. We recognise individual learning styles, abilities and rates of learning and interests. Families and their culture add richness to the learning environment and community of learners.

  • Using a strengths-based approach children’s interests, seasonal and cultural events, along with intentional teaching is integrated to enhance learning. Children are encouraged to investigate theories in an environment where they feel safe to experiment, explore, take risks, question and engage with others in learning.

  • The educational team’s training, knowledge, experience and commitment to further Professional Development is valued and commitment to ongoing critical reflection is viewed as vital to the ongoing improvement of our learning community.

The ACECQA National Quality Standards, the Victorian Early Years Learning and Development Framework and Practise Principles, Child Safe Standards and the ECA Code of Ethics continuously inform and provide benchmarks for the delivery of the service.

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